Warrior eSports’ very own Lucas “BloodySkull” Flanagan achieved a rank of 187 in Hearthstone, placing him in the Top 200 for the month of October! Lucas is on the varsity Hearthstone team, and was originally on the roster for the Hearthstone club team during the 2016 – 2017 season. We interviewed Lucas to get an insight on his experience this semester, and what he did to achieve such a high ranking.

Q: “How were you able to achieve a ranking in the Top 200 for October?”

A: Since the start of the school year, I’ve dedicated more time to Hearthstone to better my decks and play style. During September, I was able to get placed in Legend, but I realized that I could place higher than Legend. My original goal was to get within the top 500 for the October season, which I obtained within the last ten days of the season. Since there was still plenty of time to improve my rank, I felt motivated to keep playing to get placed even higher. Finally, I placed 187 for the season, which is one of my highest ranks to date.

Q: “What deck(s) did you use that worked best for you?”

A: I primarily used one deck that worked best for me, which is one of the best decks in the game right now – Tempo Rogue. The reason why Tempo Rogue is so strong, and why I like it so much, is because of the early game advantage the deck has. The deck contains a card called “Prince Keleseth,” a card that gives a +1, +1 drop to all cards in your deck if no other drops are available. Not many opponents were able to adjust to the stats advantage the card would give to my deck, making it one of the most powerful cards in the deck. Aside from that deck, the other two I played consistently were Highlander Priest and Agro Jade Druid.

Q: “What was your approach going into the 2017 – 2018 collegiate season for Hearthstone?”

A: Going into the season, I knew that I wanted to improve my competitive capabilities, and that mindset helped me get placed in Top 200. However, Hearthstone, at the collegiate level, is played in teams of 3, so I wanted to contribute more to our team. During our practices, we challenge one another to be the best that we can be by trying new decks and combinations, while providing feedback during and after our matches. Overall, the team is far more competitive than the club team was last year, which makes me excited for the spring season.

Q: “Speaking of the spring season, what are you looking forward to for the spring?”

A: I’m looking forward to the next Tespa tournament, as well as any other tournaments we will compete in. This past Tespa tournament was more of a learning experience since our varsity team had much to learn. We didn’t place very high in the fall tournament, but we’re taking what we learned and incorporating it into our play styles for the spring. Overall, we should be a much better team for the spring, and I’m looking forward to what’s to come.

Q: “What advice do you have for those trying to improve their Hearthstone rank?”

A: You need to have the right mindset for the game, meaning that you can’t expect to get far if you don’t practice. What I’ve found to be successful is to trying out different decks to see which ones best matches my play style. The same can work for everyone else, and I highly recommend it. But to sum it up, without practice, you won’t be able to get your rank any higher.

Q: “If you could be any of the heroes, which hero would you be?”

A: I’d have to pick the Warlock. I’ve always been a fan of dark and mischievous types of characters in games and stories, and I really like the cards that accompany the Warlock.

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