One of Indiana Tech’s newest varsity teams can play matches against schools like Purdue and IU without leaving a room or computer lab. That’s because this varsity team is for eSports. A club organically grew from the idea a few students had around 3 or 4 years ago. Fast-forward to today and now 19 students are involved in the club, with a varsity team now accepting applications.

Indiana Tech recently became the first school in the state to offer scholarships for eSports. Currently, students focus on League of Legends and Hearthstone, but with the growth of the program and overall interest, that could be changing. School support has helped foster the growth of the program. In fact, Indiana Tech recently opened what they are calling the “eSports Arena” – a computer lab with custom workstations, hi-tech computers/displays, gaming chairs, smart boards, and more for the teams to strategize and work together. This space is located on the second floor of Andorfer Commons on campus.