Indiana Tech eSports has finished the recruitment of the 2018-2019 class. Over the summer, the eSports staff has worked hard to finalize recruitment for League of Legends, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. Each of these individuals brings unique skills, communication, passion, and a drive for success. Indiana Tech is excited to announce that the following athletes will be joining the program in August:


Justin Croomes

Justin will be joining Indiana Tech eSports from Indianapolis, Indiana as a broadcaster and player for Hearthstone. He will major in Communications to hone his broadcasting skills and build experience. When he plays Hearthstone, he prefers to play an Elemental Mage or an Aggro Paladin deck. Out of all the cards, his favorite is the Lich King.


Kyle Tyson

Kyle is joining Indiana Tech from San Jose, California. He will be assisting head coach Geoffrey Wright with the League of Legends teams while he studies Business Administration – Management. When Kyle plays on the rift, his favorite champion is Brand. Indiana Tech is excited to welcome him to the program as an assistant coach.


Jason Snyder

Jason resides from Harwinton, Connecticut, and joins Indiana Tech eSports’ League of Legends team for the fall semester. Once here, he wants to study Electrical Engineering. On the rift, Jason mains Top lane, his favorite champion being Kled.


Jonathan Hobbs

Jonathan will be joining the program from Jonesboro, Indiana. As he plays for Indiana Tech’s Hearthstone team, he will be majoring in Information Technology. His favorite class in Hearthstone is Rogue with his favorite cards being Murloc Tinyfin and SI: 7 Agent.


Sydney Ponko

Sydney is a native from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She joins Indiana Tech’s Overwatch team in the fall semester while studying Network Engineering. Specializing in the support role, her favorite characters are Zarya, Moira, and Mercy.


Richard Harris

Richard joins Indiana Tech’s Overwatch team from Berrien Center, Michigan. He is excited to start his major in Criminal Justice, while playing flex support for the team. Zenyatta is his favorite character in Overwatch and Tech is excited to welcome him onto the team.