In early October, Indiana Tech’s Hearthstone club team began their run at a TESPA tournament championship. This is a tournament that offers $6,800 in scholarships per player for first prize and saw hundreds of teams enter from all over the country. The team started their season in group play where they had to win four games in order to move on to the tournament bracket stage to qualify for the long road to a championship.

During the season opener, Tech played against Wisconsin University losing a tough match 1-3. In week two, Tech was able to beat South Dakota School of Mines & Technology by a score of 3-1. After losing their next match to Purdue University, the Warriors then went on a three game winning streak beating Colorado School of Mines, University of Waterloo, and Michigan University.

With the three game win streak under their belt the Warriors then officially qualified for the bracket stage of the tournament. After receiving a bye for the first round of playoffs, the University of Chicago was the first opponent for the Warriors. An impressive 3-0 victory moved the Warriors to the third round where they faced Ohio State University. In an extremely close series, Tech lost a hard fought match 2-3. The loss ended the Warriors fall season, however they finished strong at the Round of 32 in the TESPA tournament while supporting a final fall record of 5 wins and 3 losses. Check out some of the games that Tech played this season at: