This past weekend, our League of Legends and Hearthstone eSports Warriors attended and competed at this year’s FortCON tournament at the Grand Wayne Convention center in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne. FortCON is a 3-day LAN party that is put on by the gaming organization of Fort Wayne called FortLAN. The LAN event had 240 available seats for players to buy and reserve in order to attend and compete over the weekend. The LAN featured various tournaments for games like League of Legends, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Overwatch, etc. where each tournament prizes ranging from cash to in-game exclusives like the Triumphant Ryze skin for League of Legends that can only be obtained by winning a Riot Games endorsed event. There were some big name sponsors of the LAN that donated gear and merchandise as prize for tournaments and raffles. Some of the sponsors included Comcast Business, Be Quiet!, Hyper X Gaming, and Roccat just to name a few.


Our Indiana Tech League of Legends teams, Indiana Tech Orange and Indiana Tech Black, competed in the League of Legends tournament that was held during the afternoon on Saturday (10/28). The rules for the tournament required all teams to face-off against another team for the first round, where all losing teams would be sent to the loser’s bracket, and the same was done with the winners to create a winner’s bracket. IT Orange proved themselves on the rift by being the team no one could defeat! IT were sent down to the loser’s bracket where they faced off against players from Lourdes University eSports’ team as well as the Mastodons representing Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW). IT Black were at a gold and tower deficit for nearly 30 minutes of the game, but Lourdes could not penetrate the defenses IT Black put up to protect their open Nexus. Nearly everyone in the convention was on the edge of their seat in the live stream viewing area that was being cast by Indiana Tech’s very own eSports coach, Geoffrey Wright, and our club Overwatch coach, Justin “Animus” Neff! One final team fight contested at the Baron pit sealed the fate of Lourdes’ team, as IT Black Aced their team to push all minion waves to the enemy base; ending the 55 minute match between IT Black and Lourdes. After defeating Lourdes and IPFW consecutively, the final match for the evening featured an in-house rivalry of IT Orange facing-off against IT Black. The match resulted in IT Orange coming out on top, thus IT Orange finished in first place with a perfect record for the tournament, with IT Black finishing in second place!

Teams IT Orange and IT Black

Later that night, some of our Hearthstone players competed in the single-elimination tournament, where J “PtYRODACTYL” C successfully made his way to the final duel of the tournament. Teammates and viewers gathered around PtYRODACTYL’s PC to watch as he competed in the duel. During the match set, PtYRODACTYL was able to play Cobatl Scalebone combined with Corpse Taker to force his opponent to surrender the match. Unfortunately, PtYRODACTYL was defeated 1-2, awarding him second place in the tournament. The three decks he used were Tempo Rogue, Merlock Paladin, and Big Druid.


Hearthstone player PtYRODACTYL

Hearthstone: PtYRODACTYL

FortCON was an excellent experience for Warrior eSports, who will be competing in the NACE Invitational beginning in January of 2018!