Indiana Tech eSports had a very successful season in both League of Legends and Hearthstone. The League of Legends Varsity and Junior Varsity teams both competed in AVGL for the fall of 2017. The Varsity squad qualified for the AVGL tournament with a regular season record of 4-1, but lost in the first round of the playoffs to finish 4-2. Junior Varsity finished with a record of 1-3-1 against some tough competition. During the spring semester, Junior Varsity qualified for the playoffs in the Collegiate Star League series with a final record of 6-2. The team played very well each week and made a good run in the tournament before ending their season with a tough loss to the University of La Verne. Varsity LOL played in the University League of Legends division while compiling a final record of 3-3. The team also traveled to Des Moines, Iowa and competed in Grandview University’s 1st annual tournament. Warrior League of Legends competed against some of the best eSport programs across the United States including, Lourdes University, Midland University, The University of Kentucky and Columbia College.


Hearthstone athlete PtYRODACTYL finished second place in the Hearthstone Fort Lan tournament and Bluddyskull achieved top 200 legend on the Hearthstone charts during the 2017-2018 season. Hearthstone also competed in the first NACE invitational hosted by TESPA finishing with an impressive 6-4 record. The team also tied for the 3rd best win rate in the Tespa bracket, where they pioneered an aggro strategy in a control deck meta. Team members were also streamed by the official Tespa twitch channel viewed by thousands of fans worldwide. During the tournament, they were able to take down UC Berkeley and Rutgers University, both exhibiting pro-players on their rosters at the time. Hearthstone eSports made an excellent run during the course of the season and made great strides for being a first year program.


With the 2017-2018 season coming to a conclusion. Indiana Tech is excited to be adding Overwatch to their Varsity and Junior Varsity programs effective in the fall of 2018. With the addition of a new game to the program will come new faces. Recruitment has been a focal point for the coaching staff as the 2018-2019 class features a wide variety of players that touches all three sports. Some of the newest additions to Indiana Tech eSports include:


Joseph DeBoer-

Joseph is coming to Indiana Tech from Payne, Ohio. Once here, he will be majoring in computer science. He will be coming onto the Overwatch team this fall brining specializations with Pharah, Zenyatta, and Reinhardt to the team.


Steve Richardville-

Steve is a Fort Wayne native and is joining the Overwatch team in the fall. His favorite in game characters include Reinhardt and D.Va. When he is not playing Overwatch, he enjoys competitive volleyball and discovering newer and less popular genres of music. He is currently enlisted in the Indiana Air National Guard and the program is grateful for the service he provides our country.


Byron Alberts-

Byron is joining our Overwatch team from Fowler, Indiana. The Overwatch team picks up a support main with a specialization in Moira, Reinhardt, and Zenyatta. When he arrives at Tech, Bryon will be majoring in mechanical engineering.


Joel Lafever-

Joel is joining the Overwatch team from Brownsburg, Indiana. Overwatch was the first FPS game he has played. He enjoys playing Zenyatta, Moira, D.Va. Out of game, he plays guitar and enjoys spending time at his church.


Austin Davis-

Austin will be majoring in computer science when he arrives at Tech in the fall. From Dayton, Ohio, he will be joining our Overwatch program and we are excited to welcome him to Tech.


Michael Sullivan-

Michael will be studying Software Engineering – Game Development as he will play on the Overwatch team in the fall. We are excited to have someone from Hobart, Indiana as a part of the program for the upcoming season.


Dustin Aversman-

Dustin is coming to Tech from Clinton, Indiana. Cyber Security will be his major when he arrives on campus in fall. As he studies his degree, Tech is excited to watch him play on the Overwatch team.


Tyler Tackett-

Joining Indiana Tech’s Overwatch team from Deshler, Ohio, Tyler plans to study Computer Science.


Morgan Ferguson-

Morgan joins the eSports program from Mendota Heights, Minnesota. While playing for Indiana Tech’s League of Legends team, he will be studying to earn a degree in Psychology. Indiana Tech is excited to add him to the League roster for the fall semester.


Brett Cook-

From Davisburg, Michigan, Brett will be joining the League of Legends roster for the fall semester. On campus, he will be pursuing a biomedical engineering degree while playing competitive League of Legends. Indiana Tech is excited to offer him a spot on the roster for next semester.


Shayne Smykle-

Shayne is joining the Warriors from Oswego, Illinois. While playing on Indiana Tech’s League of Legends team, he will be studying to complete his Computer Science degree.


Tyler Blumeyer-

Warrior eSports is pleased to bring in Tyler who looks to join the program after graduating from Indiana Connections Academy. His major at Tech will be in Computer Science.


Jacob Andrews-

Jacob is joining Indiana Tech’s eSports program from Clinton, Indiana as a content creator and editor. His unique skill set will help set the program apart and take it to the next level. While he embellishes the program, he will be studying to earn a Computer Science degree through the school.